COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Hungary

Updated: 31 August 2020 (Information without guarantee for correctness and completeness)
Entry rules may change at short notice. You can find the latest announcements on the Hungarian government website.
From 1 September

Foreigners will not be allowed to enter Hungary unless they hold a permanent residence permit or a permit allowing them to stay in Hungary for at least 90 days, and can present their documents to the authorities at the border. Foreigners travelling with a family member who is a Hungarian citizen or resident should also be allowed entry.

The following categories can also enter Hungary without being subject to restrictions:

  • those crossing the border in freight traffic,
  • persons holding diplomatic or a diplomatic service passport or a service passport for seamen,
  • persons reporting to entry holding a private passport or other travel document for the purpose of official visit (the purpose of official visit shall be proved with documents),
  • those providing satisfactory proof while entering Hungary that they have undergone COVID-19 infection within 6 months prior to reporting to entry.

Transiting through Hungary is allowed

You must be able to prove your destination, the reason you are travelling and that you are able to transit to your final destination. Throughout the transit you can only use specified routes, dedicated petrol and rest stations and specific border crossing points.

Pre-travel exemption

It is also possible to apply to the authorities for an exemption to enter Hungary in a further set of specific circumstances. To enter on this basis, you must gain permission in advance of travelling. You will need to show that you are travelling to Hungary for:

  • court proceedings,
  • business activities justified by central government, demonstrated with a letter of invitation issued by an administrative body, an independent regulatory body or an autonomous public administration body,
  • accessing health care with a referral,
  • studying or taking an exam, with certification from an education institution,
  • travelling to the point of departure for cargo-related transit,
  • participation in family events, e.g. marriage, baptism, funeral,
  • care of a relative,
  • participation in a sporting, cultural or church event of major international importance,
  • any other justifiable reason.

You should apply for an exemption in advance using the online form on the police website. While the forms are in the Hungarian, you may complete your submission in Hungarian or English.